State Of The Art Dentistry

At Waterlasez we use the Hydrokinetic method which is able to painlessly wash away decay using YSGG Water droplets energized by a laser. This type of energy is manufactured by putting together atomized water together with the energy from a laser. This all comes together to remove a significant range up tooth enamel and soft tissue without the need to use heat and without causing any type of discomfort.

When whitening teeth it can be completed in just 24 minutes using the LaserSmilet procedure. Because this method requires much less time it doesn't cause issues for those with sensitive teeth and is known for its high level of safety and comfort. These procedures are performed in many dental offices.

Once you have considered and decided to use the service you're highly likely to love the personal attention and comfort of the procedure. You will more than likely be happy with your appearance and because of the ease and speed of the treatment and its results, many love the fact that it is state-of-the-art equipment. If you are nervous about getting injections, that nervousness will be put to ease with the use of our wands that allow us to more effectively deliver the anesthetic.

You will find that the procedure is very comfortable throughout the entire process. The best dentists will use some of the newest techniques that allow the numbness you feel in your face, lips, and tongue to finish much faster then you have likely experienced in the past. The use of the wand is a perfect example of how we use only the latest technology to provide patients with a more positive and pleasant experience when they visit their dental office.