All About Patient Information

Financial Information

A great dental clinic will offer several payment options in order to make dental care available to as many patients as possible. Their team will discuss fees and payment options before starting the treatment process.

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Insurance - We are happy to process the insurance forms on behalf of our patients. Our electronic insurance claim process will expedite your payments. Any amount that the insurance provider doesn't cover is the responsibility of the patient. Call our expert team to discuss insurance matters before availing yourself for dental treatments.

Care Credit

Care Credit helps you pay for dental treatments over time. They offer low monthly payments for all your dental healthcare requirements. There is no upfront payment needed when you use Care Credit. This process is ideal for deductibles, co-payments, and treatments not covered by insurance. Care Credit helps take charge of your dental health without worrying about payments. Schedule your appointment right away.

Easily apply - Applying for Care Credit is very easy. Fill out the short application form at your dental facility and a staff member will process your application. Within minutes you will be informed whether you qualify for credit or not. You may also complete the online application by visiting the website of their facility. You get a decision within seconds under such circumstances. Once approved, you can immediately use the facility. The CareCredit card will arrive within a couple of weeks.

CareCredit is easy to use. Your account is valid for thousands of dental, veterinary, ophthalmology, and other healthcare providers that accept the facility. This will leave the other credit cards available for other emergencies in your life.

CareCredit offers interest-free plans with highly flexible payment terms. If you want to stretch your payment period, we have low-interest plans that will give you more time to complete the payment.

Patient Forms

Contact your local dentist right now to schedule your appointment. Download their patient forms and fill them out prior to your arrival in order to expedite your files.