Dental Implants

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Any time you or someone you know is missing a tooth or some teeth, it will often mean you're missing much more. It's very likely that you don't smile as much as you used to or as big as you once did. You might not be able to eat certain foods that you enjoy such as crackers or apples or even some meats. If you're anything like others in a similar situation then you're likely self-conscious about your teeth and you may even feel daily discomfort from your teeth shifting.

The loss of teeth can lead to chronic headaches, muscle strain, the lack of ability to speak certain words clearly, and all of this sometimes leads to uncomfortable situations with friends or colleagues. The particulars of the problems that are caused by tooth loss vary from person to person. If you lose the visible part of the tooth then you've lost the crown.

If you lose the part of the tooth that is not visible then you've lost the root of the tooth. The root acts as an anchor and when it's lost you can no longer support the visible crown and it could lead to the loss of bone around the area and eventually to receding gums. These issues can further lead to additional problems such as having the remaining teeth shift which can then cause problems when chewing.

There are several choices for you to choose to remedy tooth loss. But only one of those choices allow you to replace both the root and the crown of your tooth and that is to have a dental implant. Every tooth has two parts, the root, and the crown. The root anchors the tooth and the crown is the visible part and what a person uses for chewing. The root acts as an anchor and stabilizes the crown. When the whole tooth is lost it can cause the jawbone to shrink and makes the face look older overall.

Improved Appearance

Having dental implants can greatly reduce this problem. While there are many ways to replace the crown or visible part of the tooth the only way to replace the whole thing including its root is with dental implants. These implants will work identically to your real teeth and they will look and feel exactly the same. They also will eliminate the issues that come with using a partial or full denture.

Dentures sit on top of the gum line and for this reason, the gums and the jawline recede over time. This not only leads to the face looking older but it also means that the dentures begin to slip and don't fit as well as they once did. If you have any nerves that remain exposed then you may experience irritation and discomfort. Dental implants are very much like your natural teeth because they're actually anchored to the jaw bone. This eliminates any exposure of nerves that can be experienced with dentures.

Improved Speech

Anyone who has dentures that slip or otherwise don't fit well may not be able to form certain words as well as they once did. When someone is trying to hold their mouth in such a way to keep their dentures from slipping it can lead to speech that is slurred and to mumbling and those things may be accompanied by clicking noises. When someone has dental implants, however, these issues are fully resolved.

Eat Any Food

Some estimates suggest that people with dentures, even when they fit very well, eat at only 20% efficiency compared to those with natural teeth. Once a person's jaw bone and gums begin to recede there eating efficiency reduces even more. This leads to it being increasingly difficult to eat certain foods. Once a person replaces their dentures with dental implants it completely resolves these issues.

Once a person has the dental implants their eating efficiency will quickly return back to normal. This means you'll be able to eat your favorite foods and you'll be able to do so without experiencing any pain. Even in public, you'll be able to eat anything without worrying about someone seeing your denture slip or other issues.

Upper dentures completely cover the palate and this greatly reduces the person's ability to taste food as well as they could when they had their natural teeth. Once you have dental implants your palate is no longer covered and you can fully taste the food again.

Improved Self Esteem

Most people will experience an immediate improvement in their self-esteem after getting their implants. Most people will begin to smile more freely and they will find that their implants work almost identically to their natural teeth. You'll be able to do all the things anyone else can without any concerns.

Terrific Value

Implants will cost more upfront but they will be a considerable long-term value. For most patients, the implants will last a lifetime. Compared to other methods such as dentures which will almost always require adjustments and replacements, the implants will pay for themselves over time.

Lifelong Teeth

Each person who receives dental implants has a different situation. Implants are man-made and obviously cannot last forever. But although each person is different, most of them will find that their implants last them a lifetime. The great majority of those who receive dental implants from Nobel Biocare will find their implants last a lifetime.